Recommendations for maintenance of polished porcelain.

Proper care of polished porcelain will allow it to maintain its attractive appearance for many years.


The best option is to use the special tile care products. They effectively remove different kinds of contaminants from the surface, while keeping it shiny

We do not recommend to use:

– Abrasive detergents;
– Acid based concentrated cleaners ;
– Brushes and sponges with a metal surface.

Care after tiles installation

After laying the tiles you need to completely remove the remains of grout from the surface. Polished porcelain is desirable to immediately clean with special solutions with light acids and then with water. They destroy dirt in the micropores of the polished surface, and will not allow the material to dim at first.

Warning: : do not use the acid based concentrated solutions.
Regular carePolished porcelain, unlike the matt, requires a special surface treatment. Regular maintenance of polished porcelain consists of cleaning and removing dirt. To remove light dirt wipe the tile surface with a damp sponge and wipe dry enough. Sand and dirt can act as an abrasive, so before cleaning the porcelain, you should make a thorough cleaning of the room, gently sweeping sand with a soft MOP.Removal of household pollutionYou should immediately rinse the dirt with water, and then, if necessary, special solutions, depending on the type of contaminants, then again with water. Tea, coffee, iodine, soy sauce is better to remove the citric acid or acetic acid. Engine oil, black marks of the rubber soles can be removed using oil removers (eg glass cleaner) or foam detergents for dish washing. Markers can be removed by alcohol based agents.Caring for tile joints

Do not forget about the regular care of the tile seams, because they can both give a fresh look of your tile and vice versa, making it outwardly unattractive. Fat or lime may appear on tile joints. It must be periodically removed. Fatty plaque can be removed with alcohol. Limescale removed using vinegar. Not very visible plaque on tile joints can be removed using a conventional detergent for dishes and rigid side sponge for washing dishes. There are also special agents based on organic compounds.

Recommendations regarding the selection of special cleners

In order to maintain an attractive appearance and durability of polished porcelain there are special impregnations, which create an additional protective layer on the surface and do not allow dirt to soak deep into the surface of the tile. The use of such solutions makes maintenance of ceramic tiles much easier.

When using a special detergent it is necessary to follow the recommendations, which are listed on its packaging.

CERAMICS of the Future recommends the following products to protect the porcelain:

– Impregnation for porcelain «Glutoclean», made in Germany;